Glass vases as an interior art item

Moreover, transparent vases – a wide scope for creative experiments and creativity
November 22, 2018
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Glass vases in the form of geometric shapes are very popular in modern interiors. Despite their simplicity, and perhaps thanks to her, they look more noble than carved crystal, which had a wide distribution in the 1980s – 1990s.

Transparent glass vases are very diverse in shape and size. Among the most popular are:

completely flat cylinders – high and low,
rectangles: wide for a bouquet and narrow for a single flower,
cones with a narrow neck,
balls on the legs, resembling glasses or aquariums.
Clear glass – perhaps the leader among inexpensive ultra-fashionable materials. More recently, at the peak of popularity was a colorful stained glass in the style of “Tiffany”, and today in the fashion of transparency and brevity. This, of course, is the influence of minimalism.

The advantages of clear glass vases are obvious:

they transmit light and therefore do not clutter the space visually,
blend well with each other
can be filled with flowers, decorative material or become an independent art object,
are quite inexpensive and are sold in almost any city.
You can use them in different ways, not only as a container into which you can pour water and put a bouquet. And the vase itself is a wonderful element of decor, and as an almost perfect vessel for composition, it is also good. In a word, transparent glass vases are an excellent field for experiments.

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