Moreover, transparent vases – a wide scope for creative experiments and creativity

Transparent glass vases in the interior: how to fill them, the secrets of decorators …
July 15, 2018
Glass vases as an interior art item
December 10, 2018
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Let the vases themselves be unpretentious, but they look spectacular when they are filled with flowers, fruits, spices, sea pebbles, pebbles, candles, special mixtures, and in general any natural materials.

They look great as one elegant flower or even a large beautiful leaf of a plant, as well as a combination of different decorative elements (especially “layers” of different materials).

Houseplants, settled in glass vessels, became not only part of the decor of the room, but also its “highlight”. These are exotic orchids with intricately intertwining roots, and “bamboo of happiness” in a vase with clear water, and compositions from “stone roses” in small pebbles. Even simple violets and chlorophytums, successfully arranged in a “pot-bellied” glass vase, will become an exquisite decoration of your home.

Transparent glass vases and interior style
Beautiful compositions from a variety of glass vases or one large harmoniously fit into any interior, fit any stylistic decision in the apartment. For hi-tech and techno – it is worth choosing fillings in the form of twisted wire, pebbles and pebbles, for a romantic style – flowers and dried flowers, for country music – fruits.

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