Vases in the interior are the decorative decoration of any interior, enlivening and filling your interior with new colors

Among the huge range of vases, it is glass that attract increased attention to themselves, due to its unusual appearance and significant advantages
February 22, 2018
Transparent glass vases in the interior: how to fill them, the secrets of decorators …
July 15, 2018
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Vases in the interior – one of the most popular ways of decorating interior items. Vases with flowers or without flowers can be both an independent element of the decor, and part of the phyto design of the room. As a decor, there may be floor vases of unusual shapes and original colors with patterns and eye-catching patterns, with flower arrangements from living, dry, artificial plants or without. Floor vases should be combined in color with interior items and interior trim. For outdoor vases need the right choice of location in the interior.

Table vases – ceramic or glass – are used more often in the interior. They can be original and simple forms. If you use a vase as a phytodesign, then the main accent will not be a vase, but a bouquet of dried or fresh flowers, herbs and branches, leaves and stems, so in this case the vase should be of a neutral shape and a dull color.

Modern design of the VAZ has acquired unexpected and unique solutions. For example, recently it has become fashionable to decorate transparent glass vases of various shapes filled with dry flowers and twigs, sea stones and beads, shells and candles, grains and stems. Sometimes all the fillers are laid in layers, giving a special effect to the decor of the vase. Christmas balls, colorful small objects of decorations, reels of thread, decorative or river sand, beads, acrylic crystals, decorative or natural stones, small indoor plants and other decorative materials are used as fillers. Even without a filler and flowers, a vase or vase groups can become an independent art object, setting the interior of a room with a certain atmosphere and style. Transparent glass vases with fillers create lightness and elegance to the interior, making it unique, fashionable and original.

There are various forms of transparent glass vases. The most stylish and popular vases are legged vases resembling large glasses, cones with a narrow neck, balls of different sizes, cylinders and rectangles of different heights — narrow for a single flower or wide for a bouquet.

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